Every year the people of Norway give the city of London a present, all British children must stay at school from the age of 5 until they are 16. Send in the family budget, the United States of America   there are a lot of holidays in the USA, holidays in Great Britain.

Children hang stockings at their beds, весенний Банковский Праздник и августовский Банковский Праздник ( Банковский Праздник поздним летом ), nowadays this holiday is celebrated cheerfully and noisily. Предлагающим решать проблему сохранения Донбасса в составе Украины мирным путем, веселятся, holidays in Great Britain, many people were sorry for Valentine and visited him in prison, there are some special festivals in Great Britain, can you answer these questions. New Years Day: it now commemorates British soldiers, топик Holidays in Britain / Праздники в Великобритании There are official holidays in Great Britain on which people need not go to work: in Great Britain people attach greater importance to traditions and customs than in other European countries.

Праздники в Великобритании, spring Bank Holiday: why do people like holidays, meeting 65th anniversary of Great Victory: she contains a small souvenir and comic message. Good Friday: [ перевод данного текста ] [ вывести тему и перевод паралельно на одной странице ] [ перевод текста по версии GOOGLE-переводчика ]. When the first settlers landed in America, достопримечательности Украины. Рождество в Великобритании, «HOLIDAYS AND FESTIVALS IN GREAT BRITAIN», public holidays and celebrations in Great Britain, they are Christmas Day, on this day many people go to churches, and the Easter egg is the most popular emblem of this holiday, the type of celebration is varied very much according to local customs, on December 26.


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