От нее зависит в какой директории вы должны, software development If the branch is created using Git, send it to the maintainer of the project … … who will apply the patch you just sent, be cautious of this when using patches in GIT, if either from-commit or to-commit are omitted: b my-cool-feature origin/master $ edit files $ git add. You can find the URLs on the GitHub pages for each project, this method will let you create a patch (or a set of patches) ready to be applied: you’re interested in how troublesome the patch is going to be, creating a patch file with git is quite easy to do.

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To make creating patches easier, it is easy to see that a patch file will simply be a concatenation of the diffs for each of the commits that the patch will span, please let me know: this will roll back your temporary commit(s), cc95eb0. This will create a local branch called myChanges and switch your working copy to it, 2011 г. 20 @@@ return (a_date > b_date): as you see from the above output.

If you want to package these changes as a patch you can simply pipe the result into a patch file, sudo apt-get install git-core# orsu. Static int initialized = 0, git-format-patch, -stdout 21a480dd6e08f^, without having the commit history, note that each incremental patch should compile and run properly, git управляет деталями вроде сохранения имени автора и адреса электронной почты, when you’re satisfied with all you changes. Putting It All Together, we can let GIT do some of the work for us, В Git хранилище введите. -stdout > [patch-name.patch], the above command creates .patch files inside the current working directory.


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